Wrapping up


What was in this WBT? 

In this WBT a lot of recent developments have been talked about. And there is so much more. Only about virtual reality you could learn for years.

  • In this module we discussed the meaning of Web2.0 and even if it is kind of a fuzzy word it is a change we can see amongst our students and learners at this moment. The way we communicate and create is different.

  • We also looked at game based learning. A complex way of learning (from a developer point of view) but it could be a very engaging activity for our learner.

  • A more cost effective learning form is the use of video and audio in pod casting and video publishing. A lot of people are using this technology and it can be easy implemented in current learning experiences.

  • The open concepts are also a movement that we cannot stop anymore and more and more initiatives are a success and give a lot of people learning opportunities they could hardly have in a different way.

  • In the last section we looked into some new and leading edge movements like virtual reality and alternative input devices. Keep your eye on that!

We hope you got triggered to think about these things and you will have some ideas how to use it within your own situation.

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License