e-Learning Trends



In this WBT we will take a look at most important and latest trends in the world of e-Learning.

It will not be limitative, there are many more subjects to talk about and maybe the subject that are unspoken are very relevant for you.

But we hope these subjects will give you some ideas and will inspire you for your own learning solutions.


Content of this WBT

This WBT is divided into 5 topics:

  1. Web2.0.
  2. Game based learning.
  3. Pod/vodcasting.
  4. Open concepts.
  5. What's next?
IDevice Icon Learning Objectives

After finishing this web based training you will be able to:

  • explain what Web2.0 means;
  • name some examples of Web2.0 e-Learning experiences;
  • tell what game based learning is;
  • explain the different layers of a game;
  • name some examples of educational games;
  • tell what podcasting is;
  • explain how podcasting can be used;
  • explain the different open concepts;
  • tell what open concepts mean for educational settings;
  • name some leading edge initiatives.

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