e-Learning Tools


A tool is only something that can help you. When an organization is developing e-Learning or delivering e-Learning it is important to use the right tools that can facilitate the process.

In this web based training we will talk about useful tools you can use. Some are complicated, some are very easy to use. Some are free, some are very expensive. Some are limited and some are pushing you behond boundaries.

Be aware of the fact that the quality of the learning solution is hardly based on the tools you are using. Don't be a Mr. Tool.

A 'tool' is described by TechWeb as:



Content of this WBT

This WBT is divided into 6 topics:

  1. Categories of tools.
  2. Different tools.
    - Learning management systems.
    - Authoring tools.
    - e-Assessment.
    - e-Portfolio.
  3. Other tools.
  4. Open source.
  5. Learning standards.


IDevice Icon Learning Objectives

After finishing this web based training you will be able to:

  • explain the difference between open source and other applications;
  • name different categories of tools;
  • explain what a learning management system is;
  • explain what an authoring tool is;
  • explain what an e-assessment tool is;
  • tell what an ePortfolio is;
  • explain what open source is;
  • tell the value and meaning of learning standards;
  • decide what tools will be relevant for your organization.

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