e-Learning basics

Welcome to this new world of e-Learning!

Welcome to this web based training module!

Did you ever asked yourselve why the buzz of e-Learning is getting stronger and stronger?

e-Learning is becoming a valid, fun and realistic way of learning. In every country and in every sector. If you are living in Spain, Austria, Poland or any other country, if you are studying, working in the corporate sector, in the non-profit, educational or government sector: e-Learning is here to stay!

In this web based training we will introduce you to the main areas of e-Learning. We will introduce you to some outstanding experts in the field. Learn from them!

The web based training consist of different parts and is a mixture of different didactical forms. You will learn together but also in a selfstudy mode. You will learn with digital means but also without. You will learn offline and online.It will take you about 30 minutes to finish this WBT.

This web based training will take you through the following subjects:
1. What is learning?
2. What is e-Learning?
3. History of e-Learning
4. Didactical models
5. (Dis)advantages
6. Examples

IDevice Icon Learning objectives
After finishing this web based training you will be able to:
  • tell a definition of e-Learning;
  • explain the different elements of e-Learning;
  • put different developments in time;
  • explain three different didactical models;
  • to list advantages and disadvantages;
  • to give some examples of e-Learning courses.

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